Lazarus: A Good Friday Poem

A poem on the death of Jesus from the perspective of Lazarus for Good Friday. For more on the story of Lazarus, which took place about a week before the death of Jesus, you can check out John 11:1-44; for more on the story of the death of Jesus, you can read John 18 and 19.

Giotto di Bondone: “The Raising of Lazarus (from Scenes from the Life of Mary Magdalene)”–c. 1320s. Found on–Raising-of-Lazarus-1320s.html

I have met the End.
He devoured me
to the point where I could no longer feel life.
My destination was to descend
into the depths of the sea
and make eternal chaos my wife.

I have met the End.
Death and I, we met each night
sharing ales and tales
’til all was blown away by the wind.
My eyes had lost sight
and all was obscured by an opaque veil.

I have met the end.
Death was now my friend.
And those I’d once known
were now gone.
Separated. Torn apart at the seams
as I was thrown
down to where I belong–
or so it seems.

I have known that which lies beyond the End.
I have been loved by the One who calls himself
the Resurrection and the Life.
His voice breathed breath into my lungs and I was alive once again;
Our eyes met and we wept, we embraced, we felt
invincible. I was revived.

But now, the Resurrection has passed.
He who raised the dead
has finally met his own mortality,
crying, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”
Perhaps I should have known that this was too good to last.
The Resurrection cannot conquer his own death—
can he?

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