Hear, O America

*Published on November 9, 2016*


Hear, O America.

And behold your God, a god who is but a drug.
A god who you use as a shot of adrenaline
To boost your self-esteem and make you feel
as though you have worth.

But this god is not God,
For all this god requires is that
your faith begins with him
and simply ends at you.

This god you claim
fits snuggly in a picture frame
and hangs on your mantle
with all the other idols.

It says it knows the plans for you
and that you can do all things through it
because it gives you strength.
But this god is not God.

Hear, O whitewashed Christian America
And woe to you,
For on the outside you are spotless,
but on the inside you are covered with filth.

Your savior is not one who hangs on a cross,
but one that drapes over the pole
outside your work, outside your home,
outside your church.

This god encourages you
to celebrate the values
that belong to you,
but then it simply ends at you.

Your gods are a set of values
that have no worth
because you are the only one
who reaps the benefit and privilege.

Here, O Religious Right.
You can have your gods.
You can have all this world.
But the cost will surely be your soul.


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