Peace: An Advent Poem

This is the second of four original poems I am writing this year on the four themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. You can read my previous poem on Hope here. Art by Deja Roberson.

What do I know about Peace?

If you will allow me
to get personal
in this poem,
I must admit that
I have struggled mightily
in writing this.

My plan was clear
and simple enough,
or so I’d thought,
but things went downhill
every time I caught
myself in my own hypocrisy.

You see, I am not a Pillar of Peace,
and even though I try my best,
I am also confused
as to why I ever attempted
to give off such an impression
in the first place.
Peace seems to require
a level of integrity
which I do not often possess.

But the reason for my
four dead-end drafts
leading to what
you’re reading now
isn’t a matter of over-reaching
on my part, I don’t think;
rather, it is a matter
of my and our own lack
of understanding as to what
Peace really means.

So often, we tend to
subconsciously offend
the personhood of Peace by
calling it a concept; by
making it seem much more like a dream
than a present and progressive
pursuit of the Prince; by
only focusing on
what Peace stands against,
rather than who Peace stands with.

Peace is an air
that sustains more life
than even the oxygen we breathe.
Peace is a hot tea on a frigid day,
that touches the tips of our tongues
and brings warmth to our entire beings.
Peace, like light,
unbound and unobstructed,
illuminates all it impacts
so that all which the
world had made dark
is seen and shown and loved again.

Peace is a reality
that stands in such drastic contrast
to our world today
that it has taken us millennia
to fully realize its worth.
And we still have yet
to even scratch its surface.
So what can any of us know
about such a world as Peace
until we struggle, pray, and live
in pursuit of unlocking
its blesséd mysteries for ourselves?


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