Love: An Advent Poem

*Part III of my series of Advent poems, on Love. You can read Hope here, and Peace here. Art by Deja Roberson.*

In the midst of all we’ve encountered
through perilous and trialous times,
we start to fear that we’ve forgotten
how to live among
those who are not “our kind.”

Yet we have been taught of love
by He who is Love Incarnate–
a garment wrapped ’round
beat and broken bodies;
an overfull feast
for famished fam’lies;
a widow’s watchful wander
in search of her treasured possession;
a Savior’s servile self-sacrifice
for the sake of seceding our world
of sin and overpowering oppression–

and that has been made our template
for how we are to be
when death divides:
to live for love and strive to see
that we are all made in God’s kind.


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