Joy: An Advent Poem

*Part 4 of 4 on my series of poems for Advent. Hope can be found here. Peace can be found here. Love can be found here. Art by Deja Roberson.*

Where can we find joy
in a world that cannot recognize
the hope and peace
that Christ provides?
The answer, I think, lies
within the question itself.

Though in our world
we see destruction
caused by wealth
and power’s seduction,
the rumor making rounds
among earth’s poor
is that in our own midst
our Savior has been born.

And this truth
that we’ve been told
is neither fraction nor refraction
but rather, a course of action
which will truly set us free.

For this child whose birth
among the lowly
has come to level the highest of hills
and raise from the depths
the deepest of valleys–
his entrance the rallying cry
of the poor and disenfranchised;
his residence reserved
for only those the world despised.

And for this we rejoice
for with us now
is the Son of God, the King of Kings;
his presence the greatest gift
we can ever hope to receive.

How else can we respond
if not with joy, if not with hope
and dancing and laughter?
For our world will be
forever changes hereafter.


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